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фев. 24, 2009 | 09:36 pm
location: HOME
music: Аквариум "Никита Рязанский"

Сижу дома, болею. Читал интервью замечательного американского фотографа Jock Sturges , всем "любителям" пуританской Америки рекомендую:

If shame is not the part of your character, your dignity is almost invulnerable

A virulent, aggressive minority has decided that Americans don't know themselves what it is they should see, and need to be protected by people who are wiser than they are, even if they are only a tiny sliver of the population.

Western civilization insists on these concrete demarcations. Before 18, physically you don't exist; after 18, you exist like crazy. Sexually. Before 18, nobody has anything in their pants; after 18, they have everything in their pants. It's ridiculous.

We're really blind in this country. People don't see the extraordinary inconsistencies. I think the average age for the loss of virginity for female children in this country now is like 14 1/2 or 15. There's this vast epidemic of unwed mothers and teenage mothers, and yet we have an 18-year-old age of consent which makes them all felons. If the age of consent were lower, and you could talk to these children intelligently and not have to worry about school boards and PTAs going apoplectic if you mention the word condom, let alone sex and making people intelligent about it, probably we'd have a whole lot more intelligent take on the whole thing. As soon as you forbid something, you make it extraordinarily appealing. You also bring shame in as a phenomenon.

In our society there's so much shame attached to sexuality in a lot of social milieus that sexual abusers here on the average have had something like 70 or 100 victims before they're finally caught. In Holland where the age of sexual consent is, I think, 13, the average is vastly lower--it's like three or four. That's because people tell much sooner, because shame is absent.

So when moral crusaders raise limits, create still higher barriers, they're getting the opposite of what they want. It's very shortsighted.

А это фотография, снятая на мыльницу еще во времена памятного проекта "nu neurobiology":) Вспоминали его недавно...
her hands

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(без темы)

from: sporting_tail
date: фев. 25, 2009 08:52 pm (UTC)

Выздоравливай скорее:)

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